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eRAP Master Patient List Lookup Update 8/4/2021

Starting this weekend (effective 8/7/2021), we will be upgrading the process for MRN lookup from Epic which pulls in patient demographic information into eRAP project. For those projects that utilize this functionality, you should not experience any impact. This update will be ongoing for the next few weeks, so please send an email to if you have any data issues.

eRAP User Survey Comments 2021 7/12/2021

eRAP User Survey and Feedback is now live. To review, click here

eRAP Maintenance 2/24/2021

eRAP will be unavailable from 7 am on May 1st 2021. This downtime is scheduled for necessary updates to be applied to our servers.

We apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause.

Please contact eRAP support if you have any questions about the planned outage

eRAP Town Hall 2020 12/18/2020

To download presentation slides, click here

eRAP Chargeback Rate 7/16/2020

For eRAP programming (custom database, custom reports, change requests or other programming) there is a charge of $140.00/hour. Requesters must provide an account number to be charged via funds transfer. Please plan funding for eRAP services in your grant applications or departmental budgets.

For new projects and help in estimating costs for significant changes to existing databases, please request the User Service Request Form directly from

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Custom Clinical Databases

The Electronic Research Application Portal Rapid Database Generator (eRAP RDG) is a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant web-based interactive tool for data entry and reporting. We can rapidly develop custom databases for longitudinal single and multi-site studies. Services include:

  • ✓ reporting tools
  • ✓ randomization engine
  • ✓ data upload
  • ✓ file upload

In addition, eRAP is integrated with other Mount Sinai Health System clinical systems making sharing data between systems easy. These systems include:

  • ✓ EPIC
  • ✓ Mount Sinai Data Warehouse
  • ✓ Specimen Management Systems (Freezerworks and IPM LIMS)
  • ✓ SCC Labs

We support calendaring services for Mount Sinai’s Shared Research Facilities and other labs throughout Sinai.

We can design a custom calendar that:

  • ✓ Includes instrumentation-specific data for efficient scheduling of your instrument
  • ✓ Is securely accessible via eRAP
  • ✓ Charges grants directly through Sinai Central and reconciles usage data for accurate billing


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